Spawner 1.5 for GTA 5

Spawner 1.5 for GTA 5
  • Game: Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Author: Meth0d
  • Email/Website: -
  • File size: 1.32 Mb
  • File replaces: -

The program allows you to place any car next to the player in GTA 5.

Features of the program:

  • Supports 370 vehicles including DLC.
  • Vehicle placement is carried out via console mode.
  • The program supports multilingualism, you can add your own translations.
  • You can edit the configuration file.
  • Hot keys are installed in the program.
  • While driving, the player can spawn cars.

Hotkeys can be changed in the config.ini file.

For the program to work, you need to install ScriptHook V, Script Hook V .NET and NativeUI in GTA 5.

To install, move the files from the archive to the Scripts folder.

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