101% saving for GTA 5

101% saving for GTA 5
  • Game: Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Author: Famas145
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  • File size: 3 Mb
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101% saving for Grand Theft Auto 5. Save for GTA 5.

Save Features:

  • The submarine Kraken is unlocked.
  • A mysterious murder has been investigated.
  • Completed all serial races.
  • Unlocked Monkey Blist’s secret car.
  • Completed all random events.
  • All bounty hunt targets were delivered alive.
  • Aerobics passed for gold.
  • All real estate has been bought.
  • All taxi fleet missions have been completed.
  • The plot tasks were completed with gold.
  • Quests of oddballs and strangers passed for gold.
  • All clothing purchased.
  • All weapons and upgrades are open.
  • Collected all the wreckage of the submarine.
  • Collected all barrels of nuclear waste.
  • Collected treatise Epsilon.
  • Collected all peyote cacti.
  • Collected all golden peyote cacti.
  • Liz and Ursula’s numbers are added to Franklin’s phone book.
  • Tasks in the shooting range are completed with gold for all playable heroes.
  • Tasks in the flying school were completed with gold for all game heroes.
  • All the main characters have the maximum level of sympathy.
  • Completed all stunt jumps.
  • All slaughterhouses are gold.
  • All skills of the game characters are pumped to the maximum.
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