Colored weapon icons for GTA 5

Colored weapon icons for GTA 5
  • Game: Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Author: Polopai
  • Email/Website: -
  • File size: 3.3 Mb
  • File replaces: -

The mod replaces the standard one-color weapon icons with colored weapon icons in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The modification contains colored icons for 60 pieces of weapons:

Fist, Pistol, Combat Pistol, Deagle, AP Pistol, SNS Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Micro SMG, SMG, Assault SMG, Combat MG, Assault MG, MG, Gusenberg Sweeper, Carbine Rifle, Advanced Rifle, Bullpup Rifle, Heavy Rifle, Special Carbine, Musket, AK47, Pump Shotgun, Assault Shotgun, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Heavy Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Sniper, Marksman Rifle, Assault Sniper, Golf Club, Baseball Bat, Stun Gunm, Molotov, Tear Gas, Grenade, Sticky Bomb, Thermal Devic, RPG, Homing Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Firework Launcher, Minigun, Programmable AR, Railgun, Gas Can, Flare, Flare Gun, Parachute, Knife, Hammer, Crowbar, Nightstick, Baseball Ball, Hatchet, Antique Dagger, Broken Bottle, Rockets/Missiles, Cannon Bullets. Snowball.

To install, you need to move the file from the archive to the folder update/update.rpf/x64/patch/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic.rpf.

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